"Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give"

Queenie Gives Back

I spend my money frivolously sometimes as we all do im sure but I felt like it would be so much better to use my money to make someone smile in countries that I visit that are developing countries.

A lot of countries depend on tourism dollars to boost their economy but the sad truth is the people in those countries usually don't reap the benefits of those tourism dollars. This is why I find it necessary to stay in locally owned hotels/accommodations, shop in markets, and just do what you can to help the people.

I will be sharing the places I go to and the contributions I make in hopes you'll do the same during your travels. If you'd like to help me with any of my future projects please e-mail me at:


Location: Granada, Nicaragua

Type of facility: Girls Orphanage

I absolutely loved working with this beautiful orphanage located just a few blocks away from where I was staying in Granada. The staff and girls we so welcoming. They ran up to us and gave us a hug as soon as we stepped foot into the orphanage. 

They put together two folklorico dances for us. The younger girls went first and then the older girls went after. They were so excited to perform for us and they did an amazing job. We had string bags for each girl that had things like hair bows, socks, feminine pads, pencils, barbie dolls, coloring books and more. 

After they  welcomed us we did a tour of the orphanage and saw the girls rooms and where they ate and played. It was nicely upkept and I felt good knowing that these girls had a place like that to call their home. This was an experience to remember!

If your heading to Nicaragua and would like to donate to the orphanage while your there please shoot me an email and i'll be happy to connect you to the one of the admins at the home.