Collaboration Course

So you're an inspiring or current influencer/blogger? Well, listen..the time and effort you put into brainstorming content, taking pictures and/or videos, editing them, searching for the right caption and hash tags and hoping you get a good amount of likes and comments is like a FULL TIME JOB!

How are you paying yourself for putting in all of that work? .....wait, you're not paying yourself? This is a big mistake that influencers make. Yes, it's okay to have a passion and to be an influencer for fun but there comes a time where you need to reap the benefits of the work your putting in.

I mean imagine being a fitness blogger and having a company give you the latest work out equipment PLUS pays you $200 to make a post on Instagram using the product...

Or better yet..imagine that  you're a travel blogger and Delta Airlines gives you two free tickets to fly anywhere PLUS $500 to make 2 posts about your experience on the airplane?

It's possible and its possible for all follower counts! 

Say good-bye to the days where you put in countless hours building your brand and creating content for your followers and not getting rewarded. Collaborating with companies and getting FREE products and/or getting PAID is all the reward you need for all the work you do as an influencer!

I've worked with numerous fortune 500 companies like Google and Chase and i've create the perfect step by step blueprint for influencers and bloggers to be able to lock in collaborations.

The Influencer Guide Course Includes:

Free Pitch Templates for pitching to companies

A Step-by-step Blueprint

A FREE Instagram Audit

40 Collaboration Websites


and MORE!