I've been blogging for a few years now and trust me I didn't start out making the right decisions when it came to my Instagram. Every so often i'll scroll through my Instagram feed and through memory lane from when I first started making posts. It's a cringing feeling looking at my content and captions lol. I'm like "what was I thinking?!"  It took years for me to figure it all out by myself! If I had someone earlier on to teach me the rope I would have accomplished things way sooner but it's okay i'm here to offer you that mentorship that you need so you can reach your goals a lot faster.

The number one compliment I get from my followers and from the companies I work with is they love my content and the look of my feed. Appearance is everything! Think of Instagram as your social media business card. Your bio, you're content, you caption....all of those play a part in the first impression of users on lnstagram.

Understanding the instagram analytics is also important so you can make the right moves to grow your audience.

I've worked with big companies like Travel Noire, Google, Jetblue and more and it really takes quality of work and engagements to stick out to companies for collaborations.

Let me help you with 2 one hour one-on-one sessions where we will start from the basics and get into the meat of it all. Included in the 2 weeks of mentorship are content calendars to help you stay consistent with your content, photography techniques, apps you should be using, revamping your content, analytics breakdown and MORE!

Tap into your creative side with me and let's do a total page makeover so you can meet your Instagram goals.

Price: $150

If you have any questions prior to purchasing please e-mail me at

You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of making your purchase so we can choose the dates and times that work for you.