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Meet Bayisenge! I saw him happily running around in Rwanda at his after school program that I visited while there to have a field day with the kids. I took a photo of him and thought he was so adorable and had the cutest chocolate dud looking eyes.


After posting his photos, along with other kids at the after school center, one of the after school workers advised that his eyes look the way they do because they are actually sick and has never been able to get them checked due to finances. While in Rwanda my friend and I paid for his initial eye doctor visit but his eyes had so much allergies behind it that the doctor couldn't see well enough to pin point the problem. Bayisenge is currently taking allergy medicine to clear up the allergies enough to be able to have the doctor see what is wrong. Since then his mother has abandoned him and siblings. 


This fundraiser is to help to fix his eyes as well as provide support for Bayisenge and his siblings. 100% of the proceeds will be used to care for Bayisenge and his siblings. I will personally be back to Rwanda in June and will personally make sure the funds are used for what they are intended for along with shopping for Bayisenge and his siblings.


Thank you in advance. It really takes a village and im sure Bayisenge and his siblings will be very appreciative.